Matt Anderson

Web Developer

Making a difference by building usable, highly performant web experiences with clean, modern code.


My goal is to make a difference by building usable, highly performant web experiences with clean, modern code, in a progressive and positive organization. Also interested in a role that combines my strengths: teaching and advanced web development skills.


  • 2023

    Level Bot Technology

    Level Bot Technology is a startup delivering a mobile app for the construction industry. I was senior front end dev on the admin web app, establishing the repo and its directory structure, incorporating React, TypeScript, Jest.

  • 2021

    Higher Ground Education

    Higher Ground Education of Lake Forest, CA acquired FreshGrade Education in early 2021. The team got involved in developing exciting new features for Higher Ground’s line of education apps, built with Ember.js on the front end and Django Rest Framework back end. New features began to be built with a React/Redux front end.

  • 2020

    FreshGrade Education Inc.

    Front-end development for an educational technology platform built with React/redux and TypeScript. My first task was establishing the visual style for the Gradebook; recently I’ve been the primary front-end dev responsible for the mobile app, which is a dual platform app built with our front-end codebase wrapped with Apache Cordova, available in app stores now.

  • 2019

    Central 1 Credit Union

    Front-end development for a full-featured banking system that provides a white-labelled SaaS for hundreds of credit unions across Canada. Currently working on the new version of their online banking platform, based on Backbase. Previously, our team was responsible for creating the first authenticated voice banking skill for Amazon Echo, enabling Alexa to act as a “virtual teller” to help customers pay bills, get account balances, and transfer funds.

  • 2015

    Spatial Research & Design

    Front end developer on a workplace mental health startup that delivers cognitive behavioural therapy-based online tools to help workers deal with stress, anxiety and depression ( Used Backbone.js as the front end framework, and utilized D3.js for data visualizations.

  • 2014

    Capilano University (1998-2015)

    Primary technical instructor in the Interactive Design program (canceled 2014), as well as web development instructor for the IDEA (Illustration & Design, Elements & Applications) program. Course topics included HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, WordPress, Photoshop


Web Developer

As a web developer, I excel at the intersection of user experience and quality code, building resilient front end experiences for desktop and mobile.

  • HTML5/CSS3/Sass/Tailwindcss
  • JavaScript, including extensive experience with React/Redux; Angular/AngularJS, NodeJS; JS unit testing with Jasmine and Jest; TypeScript
  • Build tools such as Grunt, Gulp, NPM/Yarn, Webpack
  • Git (familiarity with the GitFlow model, conventional commits)
  • Atlassian tools such as Bitbucket, Jira
  • Agile processes


As an instructor, I excel at collaborating with people to help them learn complex technical topics in approachable and memorable ways.

  • Classroom instruction
  • Curriculum design for technical instruction
  • Web standards
  • Programming syntax & methods
  • Adobe Creative Suite


Recent Projects

At Level Bot Technology, I established the administration web app from the ground up, and built lots of features with the help of an intermediate dev under my supervision. The web app SPA was built with React (using TypeScript, with React Context for state management) and the awesome power of Tailwindcss.

At FreshGrade, as well as regular work on the educational technology web product (a SPA developed in TypeScript using React/redux with a C#/mongodb back end), I’ve acted as the main front-end dev responsible for the iOS & Android mobile app, porting our web app to a Cordova mobile app, available in app stores now.

At Central 1 Credit Union, I was involved as a front end developer on a number of projects.

  • Features developed for the new online banking platform, based on Backbase, such as:
    • Bill payments
    • Account balances
    • Transaction history
    • Account to account transfers
  • The first authenticated voice banking skill in Canada for Amazon Echo, enabling Alexa to act as a “virtual teller” to help customers pay bills, get account balances, and transfer funds. I acted as technical lead for the skill, developed with ES6 for nodeJS, hosted on AWS Lambda more…
  • New features and support for the credit unions’ white labeled mobile app, a hybrid app built with Ionic framework & AngularJS
  • Lock ‘n’ Block, a feature for desktop and mobile that allows credit union customers to lock out a debit card, or disable certain capabilities (e.g., ATM withdrawals, international transactions), in case of a lost or stolen debit card, built with AngularJS
  • Ported online voting for credit union elections to mobile, built with Ionic/AngularJS
  • Created the first fully customized credit union mobile app home screen, for Coast Capital Savings (previously the credit unions’ app shared the same home screen design, with only the ability to brand the primary colour within the app), built with Ionic/AngularJS

Personal Projects

Version Name Generator

Were you ever charmed by those cool version names for Ubuntu Linux? You know: breezy badger, fancy fox…just for fun, I made a web app that lets you sign up for an account, create any number of projects, and manage version names for those projects.
Demo on heroku:

Pig Latin Translator

You know how it is: you have kids, and you want them to have fun (and maybe be a bit impressed with you). When my girls got heavily into Pig Latin, I decided to whip together an online tool for translating English into Pig Latin. Demo here:

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